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I would work for them in another location. The store manager at my location is awful. Never communicates or follows through on anything.

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Extremely difficult to work with on getting the hours promised or having availability respected. Everyone else is super fantastic to work with, including the other managers. Bad store manager, advancement in another location, ignores availability. I loved working there. My supervisor could b a little harsh at times, but u learn that thats his nature. I was let go unfairly, do to a medical issue. It's a good company to work for. Loved it there. I got a employee discount. Truck days were stressful, but you got to c want was coming in. I'm sad I longer work there.

Great college job. I loved working at Michaels, the environment is positive, the perks of having a discount was definitely enticing. Cons of working there: low hourly pay without many raises, lack of promoting within company at least at the store I worked at. Retail vs family life.

Retail verses family life is hard. Many aspects of my job are great like training, payroll, and interviewing. Customers yelling at you and turnover makes it challenging. You're able to get good hours depending on your location and pay raises are almost guaranteed. I started and finished with great ones, they always kept everyone up to standard and made sure we never fell short.

Not terrible overall, but terrible work life balance. Too many hours and not very practical in planning workload. Everything is micromanaged and can undermine the planning of the store manager. The company is however a very charitable company that does do extraordinary things for their community and their employees if a need arises. Productive, fun, enjoyable place to work. When I first started at Michael's it was going to be a stable job then began looking around and found another, better paying job and I was unable to work 2 jobs.

Michael's was a great place to work for someone who does not need to work a lot of hours or need a bunch of money. Not good. No advancement, no senority so jobs are given to others who have less time with the company. Hires tons of people so you only get a few hours per week. Good hours at Christmas. Loved it!! I loved working there! There were some stressful moments like anywhere else but overall loved it! I would recommend anybody work there. I actually advanced to a supervisor position.

But it was brief because they decided to do away with the position company-wide. Wonderful place! Not thrilled about having to work evenings, weekends or Holidays. Customers can be very degrading especially when they argue about a coupon. Hardest part of job is holiday season from November 1st to about mid January. Was this review helpful? Bad company, Terrible treatment of employees. This company treats their employees bad.

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They only care about making money for the shareholders. They want everyone to do the work of five people. The working conditions are horrible, as the company will not spend any money repairing mechanical systems, nor will they do anything to make the store look nice. The management is a complete joke. The customers are all cheap, and will suck the life right out of you. Poor management. The management was awful I requested days off and they would ignore them and schedule me to work anyway Managers called us "replaceable" and explained they they're very willing to get rid of us to save their job Awful place.

This is hands down my favorite job, mainly because of the managers. We treat everyone like family and they give you the opportunity to grow with the company. Great place to work. It was a great company and everyone that worked there was pleasant. It could get fast paced at times and a bit overwhelming but there was always someone to help.

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It wasn't what i expected. I started out as sales associate and was working along the aisles. Sooner than later I was moved to the cashier and placed there indefinitely until I was fired for being a seasonal worker. Retail job with basically no advancement and low wages. While working at Michaels, I definitely honed my customer service skills, however, I had low wages and worked hard for it. The management was pretty good, but there was constant talking of customers in a bad way by a couple employees, which did not promote a good work environment. In addition, when I asked for more hours, they declined and said that only managers had more hours, but were unwilling to train me as a manager.

Lack of associates. Not enough payroll to be staffed correctly. Not enough help to get all tasks completed on time.

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Corporate is about the bottom line and not about the associates. Michaels will take your soul. Michaels is an ok place to work if your in high school or as a first job. Moving up is based on who likes you, not what you can do. Once you are a part of management, they take full advantage. You are all but forced to work past schedule if daily work isn't completed by the team, regardless of the number of associates you have.

Shop Michaels Online. Michaels Rewards: A free perks program for all our makers. Join today to get exclusive perks! Top Categories View All. We have 15 Michaels coupon codes for you to choose from including 15 sales and 2 free shipping coupon codes. Share Michaels Coupons. They also offer discounts and sales on other craft and art supplies with regularity.

You can learn more about Michaels on Wikipedia and Wikidata. Is Michaels open today?

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Unlike some craft stores, Michaels is open 7 days a week in most locations. They are frequently open extended hours at the holidays, including for Black Friday. Can I shop Michaels online? The Michaels website offers a wide selection of craft products, as well as project ideas and inspiration. There are often promo codes available to use at checkout.

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