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Here we're talking pennies. You can do the math, 20 to 40 cents per visit in value. It's much more of a numbers game, but they can buy literally every day. My wife goes to Target once a week, so…. CC : It literally is everyone. Almost all of the top retailers use coupons to drive people to the site. CC : Works two ways. About half of RetailMeNot's coupons come from users. You go out and you see a fantastic coupon and you go 'this is great, I gotta share it with my members,' we don't pay for that.

You're doing a community service, but it's a great service at scale. You'll find coupons for smaller stores and boutique stores, because you the user cared enough to upload the coupon.

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We might not even have a financial relationship with that boutique. CC : Right now, we get traffic primarily from natural search, search engine optimization, email and paid search like Google and Yahoo advertising. It's in the plan, just to get the word out.

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BI: How do you get someone to stick to the site, after they come for the first time? CC : The first way to do that is to give them great coupons. Beyond that, I think one of the greatest services we have is a thing called an alert on a per-store basis. We have over a million people who subscribe to those.

BI: Is it pretty even between Bing and Google for search? CC : It's pretty representative to internet traffic as a whole, dominated by Google.

BI: Do you think the social changes Google is making to their search engine is going to change things? CC : If anything, we feel like couponing is a bit of a mindset, you have it or you don't. Once you have it, you're in. We've gone through pretty strong efforts to help you share those coupons with your friends.

The blogs I've read, the Google blog, have said they're gonna start using pluses as an indicator in search. If you said you liked something, it's gonna force it higher.

This is totally anecdotal, stuff I hear from our SEO guys, but it feels like they're starting to use more and more of your personal information. If you use gmail and you search for these five things, it factors that into your search results. This is just another aspect of that. Search-engine optimization! BI: I know you guys have raised a ton of money. On the whole, it's exactly what you'd think. We know.

But then again, welcome to the internet. Prescription drug costs can derail your budget quickly. Check out the GoodRx app! Just jot down the name of your prescription in the search bar along with your ZIP code. The app will show you which pharmacies in your area carry it, as well as how cheap or not it is. Plus, they often offer extra coupons for even more savings! Where have all the good, old-fashioned coupons gone? Download the Coupons. Coupon clippers, welcome to the digital age. This is the granddaddy of coupon apps! This one is really similar to Ibotta.

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All these points add up, and you can cash them out once you hit the point threshold. By now you might be thinking, Not another rebate app! No way! By using multiple discount apps, you could be getting numerous rebates for the same item! And different items might be eligible with different apps.

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If you live near a big city, look for apps that reward you for carpooling. In Tennessee, we have Hytch Rewards, which lets users earn money for every ride they hitch with each other. Carpooling apps just like Hytch or NuRide might be available in your region too. Get out your budget and make sure to stick to it. Bonus: their new smartphone app allows you to get cash back on in-store purchases as well. Another fun thing about Rakuten is that you can get your cash back several ways.

They allow you to get cash back via a check or a Paypal payment. Or, they have a third option that allows you to donate your cash back. But the site does have other added benefits.

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For instance, they have a great blog. That page shares recipes filtered by ingredients. You can also search by nutritional type i. Paleo, Gluten Free, Vegetarian, etc. Casseroles, Slow Cooker, Grill, Fry, etc. The Entertainment Coupon Book company has been in business since They started out as a coupon book company to help raise money for schools. You can still buy and sell Entertainment coupon books for fundraising purposes. However, today they have a highly popular coupon website too.

This means you can save by purchasing a coupon book or by purchasing a digital website membership. One really great benefit of this site is that you can see all of the coupon deals in your area before becoming a member. You can sort discount offerings by category for easier shopping, too. They also feature a section with local offerings for restaurants and stores in your area. I even found coupons for stores and restaurants in our small town of just 4, people! Slickdeals has a huge emphasis on community. That way the site can expand their money-saving offerings to website visitors. Shop At Home focuses on giving you money back for online shopping.

You create a free account, then browse their thousands of deals.

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When you buy, the store pays Shop at Home for referring you. In turn, Shop At Home passes those savings on to you. You can choose to get your cash back in the form of an Amazon gift card. Or you can get it in your Paypal account or via a check in the mail. Know that you have to be logged in to the Shop At Home site in order to earn cash back on your purchases. Like Coupons. One of the things I love about the Smart Source site is that you can filter coupons by category.

Choose from categories suchasbaby products, automotive, personal care, household, etc. You can also filter by brand i.

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In addition, you can enter your zip code to see offers specific to your area. Smart Source is one of the coupon providers you may see regularly in the papers. However, using their website allows you to skip the paper and quickly print out the coupons you need. They offer great deals on restaurants from fine dining to local cafes. They also have travel deals Bahamas, anyone?

Their Getaway deals range from packages for local sporting events to far away excursions to exotic places.