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Dip your finger into either the used or the new oil, and lubricate the gasket on the new one, then proceed to screw the filter into the housing, following the instructions provided on the packaging. Now, remove the drain pan from beneath the vehicle. Raise it enough to safely remove the jack stands, then slowly lower it until you can move the jack into a safe location.

Locate the oil cap on the top of the engine.

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Remove the cap, insert the funnel, and dispense the required amount into the engine. Once completed, replace the cap. Use the dip stick to check the level. If the level appears in the marked safe zone on the dip stick, replace the dip stick, enter the vehicle, start the car, wait 30 seconds and turn it off. Wait one to two minutes after turning it off and check the level again. If it is near the top of the marked safe zone, your work is complete.

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If the level is near the bottom of the safe zone, add one half quart, then check again. Be sure that you do not over fill it. Finally, locate a facility that accepts used fluid and discard it there. The cost primarily depends on whether the work is done by an independent mechanic, a car dealership or a retail chain that specializes in changes. Another factor is whether the engine needs synthetic or regular, and what type of filter is needed.

Tire rotation and balancing are recommended by some manufacturers to be done at a similar time interval to oil changes. While these procedures are not nearly as important, they improve the ride quality and extend the life of tires, shocks and bearings. Finding the right service center for your vehicle is a simple task, but there are things to watch out for. First, it is always convenient to have a vehicle serviced close to home so it can be retrieved easily once service is complete. Watch out for and avoid companies that have a bad reputation due to careless employees or poor customer service.

Ask your friends or family to refer you to a good shop or look for reviews online. To be on the safe side, it is always wise to choose a national chain that offers warranties for their work on your vehicle. While low-cost chains might be great for swapping out old oil, it is usually a good idea to leave the more complex repairs to a mechanic you know and trust.

Let us know by leaving a comment below! Perhaps twenty years ago. Depending on the brand and quality of motor oil, the cost is almost doubled.

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Thanks for this list and the Big O Tires deal! Please update this list! Dec 29, 0 They definitely don't charge for tire rotations. Go back there and throw a tire iron in his face. Rudee Lifer. Apr 23, 11, 2 Actually, this thread reminded me it's time to rotate my mattress. I have a 3 pound, dead blow, Craftsman mallet. Would that suffice? SVT Cobra Lifer. Mar 29, 13, 1 0. Just went to pick up the car Well, at least they open at AM tomorrow.

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I guess I'll make an issue of it, after all. It's just the principle May 27, 12, 57 Free rotations at sears only if you buy their tire protection plan when you buy the tires.

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Thats why you should go to NTB. National Tire and Battery.

Free rotations. Aztech Golden Member. Jan 19, 1, 0 0. I don't think so, you can usually add on an option for free lifetime life of the tires rotation and balance for a fee. Banana Diamond Member. Jun 3, 3, 18 FWIW, I think free tire rotations is good for business. Kelemvor Lifer. May 23, 16, 7 Most places I know of you have to pay a bit extra for Hazard Protection or something like that and then they normally throw in the rotations. Sep 9, 3, 0 0. I have never gotten a tire place to honor their free rotation advertisements.

My car has different offsets for the front and rear wheels - rears won't work on the front, they'll rub the calipers. In order to rotate the tires properly, they must be removed from the rims and swapped.

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All I can do is swap sides, which is basically worthless. Nov 28, 3, 0 0. I've had problems getting my free tire rotations too. Most of the time when they do take it in and say they rotated it, I take a look at the markings I made on the tires to differentiate them and notice they never moved. WTF is so difficult about a rotation? May 19, 23, Spg Senior member. Mar 11, 0 0. I usually go to Allen Tires. They include tire rotation and fixing flats as part of the price. Once I wore the tires out before the 50, miles and I got a smoking deal on a new set.

Pepsei Lifer. Dec 14, 12, 1 0. Baked Lifer. Dec 28, 36, 3 Oct 7, 15, 10 Just picked up the car. Dec 8, 3, 0