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Thank you, Marvin, for the tasty breakfast this morning! Our next giveaway is here and we're really excited about it! If you are chosen, you will win a family 4 pack of tickets to ICE! Come trade in your tokens for tickets! Come by our Keller office today and get a snow cone, no appointment necessary! It's our last snow cone day of the summer, don't miss out!

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Congratulations Leah U we drew your name!!!! Come redeem your prize by this Friday Aug 9th!!!! It is our favorite day Come gets yours at the Haslet office. See you this afternoon from to Our phones are down due to an internet outage, we will return messages as soon as they are back up! We are still open to see patients if you are scheduled today!

Now accepting Interns for the fall!! Call today for more details and ask for Tonya!! But at the moment when the phone rang I was tasting something very near to my heart—Helen's cooking. It was Sunday lunchtime, when the traditional roast beef and Yorkshire pudding were served. My wife had just dropped a slab of the pudding on my plate and was pouring gravy over it, a rich, brown flood with the soul of the meat in it and an aroma to dream of.

I was starving, after a typical country vet's Sunday morning of rushing round the farms and I was thinking, as I often did, that if I had some foreign gourmet to impress with the choicest sample of our British food, then this is what I would give him.

And as I chewed my first forkful I was happy in the knowledge that when I had cleared my plate Helen would fill it again with the beef itself and with potatoes, peas and runner beans gathered from our garden that morning. The shrilling phone cut cruelly into my reverie, but I told myself that nothing was going to spoil this meal. The most urgent job in veterinary practice could wait until I had finished. But my hand shook as I lifted the receiver, and a mixture of anxiety and disbelief flowed through me as I heard the voice at the other end.

It was Mr. Oh please, no, not that long, long trek to Anson Hall on a Sunday. The farmer's voice thundered in my ear. He was one of the many who still thought you had to bawl lustily to cover the miles between. I held the ear piece away from me. Ripley had increased his volume, and my head was beginning to ring. Oh God, that sounded horribly significant. I looked sadly across the room at my loaded plate.

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Ripley, I'll be along. Helen looked up from the table with the stricken face of a woman who can visualise her Yorkshire pudding sagging into lifeless ruin. I've just got to go. As I left I saw her carrying the plate away. We both knew it was the end. No Yorkshire pud could survive a visit to Anson Hall. I increased my speed as I drove through Darrowby.

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  5. The cobbled market place, sleeping in the sunshine, breathed its Sunday peace and emptiness with all the inhabitants of the little town eating busily behind closed doors. Out in the country the dry stone walls flashed by as I kept my foot on the boards, and when I finally arrived at the beginning of the farm track I had a sense of shock. It was the first time I had been there since I had left the service, and I suppose I had been expecting to find something different.

    But the old iron gate was just the same, except that it was even more rusty than before.


    With a growing feeling of doom I fought my way through the other gates, untying the strings and shouldering the top spars round till finally I came to number seven. This last and most terrible of the gates was still there, and unchanged. It couldn't be true, I told myself as I almost tiptoed towards it. All sorts of things had happened to me since I had last seen it.

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    I had been away in a different world of marching and drilling and learning navigation and finally flying an aeroplane, while this rickety structure stood there unheeding. I eyed it closely. The loose-nailed wobbly timbers were as before, as was the single string hinge—probably the same piece of string. It was unbelievable. And then I noticed something different. Ripley, apparently worried lest his livestock might rub against and damage the ancient bastion, had festooned the thing with barbed wire.

    Maybe it had mellowed with time.

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    It couldn't be as vicious as before. Gingerly I loosened the bottom string on the right-hand side, then with infinite care I untied the bow at the top. I was just thinking that it was going to be easy when the binder twine fell away and the gate swung with all its old venom on the left-hand string. It got me on the chest first, then whacked against my legs, and this time the steel barbs bit through my trousers. Frantically I tried to throw the thing away from me, but it pounded me high and low and when I leaned back to protect my chest, my legs slid from under me and I fell on my back.

    And as my shoulders hit the track, the gate, with a soft woody crunch, fell on top of me. I had been nearly underneath this gate several times in the past and had got clear at the last moment, but this time it had really happened. I tried to wriggle out, but the barbed wire had my clothing in its iron grip. I was trapped. I craned desperately over the timbers. The farm was only fifty yards away, but there was not a soul in sight.

    And that was a funny thing. Where was the anxious farmer?

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