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Cotton Bacon has been a favorite with the vaping community since it first hit the market. They say they are the first company to provide vaping specific cotton. Medical grade, Peroxide free and tasteless this stuff is another good choice if you have the extra cash to spend on cotton and want some of the best cotton you can get. Vapers Choice Cotton is a company that specifically only makes or processes cotton for vaping.

White cloud coupon cotton balls

Supima also has extra long fibers that come in handy for us vapers. Kendo Vaping Cotton is cultivated from a special cotton plant in Japan.

Loved for its flavor and resistance to burning Kendo Vape Cotton is a great choice. People say the flavor is great. But does that mean this is better than normal Japanese cotton you could get on say amazon?

Probably not but that is up to you. This is the material that we all know and love , this is the stuff we grab when we first started out or in a pinch, heck I still use the Japanese cotton all the time. Organic Unbleached. The best cotton you can get — is unbleached, organic cotton balls. This is because regular cotton balls are not just cotton. Some are bleached or has chlorine traces left from cleaning, so you have the residual of that stuff.

Being organic the farmers do not use pesticides or other chemicals that you do not want to vape.

It is recommended — that you boil all your cotton before using to vape. You do not want — to boil you cotton balls in your tap water Tap water comes from 1 of 2 places, a well, or surface water as in a reservoir or river. Some tap water can actually put more crap into the cotton than you originally had,from lead, copper, Pesticides from runoff, Parasites and so on. It is ideal to use bottled water to boil your cotton. Does it give you a better vaping experience? I can tell you that from my personal experience this stuff is great.

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It has great flavor, and it seems to last a while. This is the best wicking material in a tank system like kayfun Japanese Cotton. Silica There has been some debate — about the safety of Silica wicks. Here is a discussion on the topic on E-cig forum, it seems the culprit is Crystalline silica. You have 2 types of silica. Crystalline Silica is the one you should try to avoid.

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