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Applications Chandeliers can be found from hotels to restaurants to homes.


Elaborate and grand scale chandeliers are perfect for filling large spaces with very high ceilings. Chandeliers can also be small and perfectly proportioned for more intimate settings such as dining rooms and powder rooms. Suspended over tables or hung above high traffic areas such as foyers and halls, chandeliers provide beautiful ambient light as well as striking eye candy. Chandeliers can have as few as two lamps up to twelve or even more depending on the size of the chandelier.

You may also want to browse our ceiling lights section for more lighting choices and ideas. Read more. Items Per Page: The chandelier is the original ceiling lighting fixture. The earliest chandeliers were made up of wooden boards with spikes for candles. These boards were often in the form of a cross or an x. Raised and lowered by rope or chain, early chandeliers provided overhead lighting in the wealthiest of homes and churches. Nobility, royalty and the wealthy merchant classes often had chandeliers in their homes.

As tastes and designs changed, chandeliers became more elaborate and ornate in the 18th century.

Wood chandeliers were replaced with bronze and iron, ormolu and brass, and often hung with lead crystal drops that reflected the light. In the 19th century oil replaced candles and later chandeliers were electrified. Many antique chandeliers were wired for electricity in the 20th century.

This Art Deco influenced glass and nickel transitional style chandelier is a perfect example of how a chandelier can add glamor to a space. The glass and silvery shine add a touch of sparkle to the dining room. The modern lines of Art Deco style work with transitional, contemporary and even more traditional furniture styles to create a beautiful design that feels current.

A transitional chandelier with shades can diffuse the light, making the room glow in the evening.

If there is a lot of dark furniture in the room, choose a chandelier like this one that is composed mostly of glass with sparkling metal accents. The room will feel lighter. Notice how the chandelier is hung about three feet above the table, creating an intimate feeling. Is this a swag lighting or ceiling mounted? Patricia Feb 23, Item CPMN comes with 3ft of chain and you cold swag the light since it is chain hung. The item is still currently in stock should you still be interested.

Cynthia - Arcadian Home Feb 26, Love it!!!!!!!! What can I say, except that I love it. The color, the style, the weight, light the fact that it can be hardwired or swag, my only complaint is that the instructions could have been a little more clearer. I had to call the company to ask a question, and they were most helpful and polite.

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I highly recommend this chandelier. Chandeliers are suspended light fixtures that hang from the ceiling using a chain, pole or suspension mount. They provide large-space lighting and a magical decorative appeal. Traditionally, chandelier fixtures have several tiers of bulbs. They are often finished with beautiful crystal prisms and shapes to refract light. We have the world's best selection of exceptional-quality chandeliers you can install in your foyer, dining room or hallway. You can also place these lovely lights in your kitchen, bathroom or practically any other space.

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Wherever you choose to put them, these wonderful lights will add a touch of class as well as awesome illumination. We carry chandeliers in a variety of shapes and sizes and stock models suitable for outdoor as well as indoor use. If you love the idea of classic, eye-catching crystal chandeliers, we can help make your vision a reality. We have an impressive assortment of classic crystal chandelier styles that make a perfect complement to your Victorian, antique, vintage or Italianate living space.

When placed in a sunny room with plenty of ample light, your crystal chandelier will beautifully reflect the sunshine and create a unique light show by day. At night, these lovely lights will light your space with a firmament of sparkling lights rivaled only by the twinkling stars outside in the night sky.

We also have a wide selection of exquisite bronze and brass chandeliers that provide an up-to-date take on the quintessential chandelier.

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You can choose styles finished with decorative shades or keep it classic with ceiling chandeliers featuring exposed bulbs. Vintage-style light bulbs complete the antique, retro design. Although chandeliers carry with them a certain sense of opulence and traditionalism, today's chandelier styles come in a breadth of shapes and finishes to honor just about any decorative scheme. For example, if you enjoy mid-century style, you can invest in a modern chandelier that harks back to the s or s with retro-inspired globes and geometric arms.

We also have ultra-contemporary chandeliers in single-tier styles that play into an industrial, Asian or gallery-inspired vibe. Schonbek Worldwide and AERIN are just a couple of the glamorous brands available in our vast inventory of chandeliers. Browse our complete collection to find the most appealing style for you. Whether you shop online or visit one of our stores in New Jersey or Florida, we provide easy returns and a best-price guarantee to ensure you'll always be pleased with your experience with us.

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