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You could also consider a refurbished business laptop from Tier1Online , Morgan or similar source. Third, think about peripherals. For ergonomic reasons, I recommend a laptop riser or using a pile of books to lift the screen and an external ergonomic keyboard for home use. It adds up.

Fourth, think about support. If you order a laptop online from Dell, HP or Lenovo, you may be able to buy three years of on-site support for a reasonable price. There is scientific evidence that students who make notes on paper learn more. Traditionally, students have bought These machines are fast and cheap, but they are heavy to carry around, and tend to have short battery lives.

If you want to take a laptop with you everywhere, look for one with a 10in to 12in screen. Some models double as touch-screen tablets. Some work with a pen or stylus for limited note-taking, drawing diagrams and annotating documents.

Laptops with 14in screens are a good compromise. New ones have thin bezels so they are no bigger than old Most are small and light enough to carry around at least part of the time. You can compare 14in and I think a 14in laptop is a good choice for most university and college students, but it may not be the best choice for you. If you decide to buy a Chrome OS is ideal for school kids, as they provide greater flexibility than tablets. If you plan to use Android apps on Chrome OS, it is advisable to go for a 2-in This OS is similar to Windows 10 but comes with a unique user interface.

This OS has the start menu and taskbar at the bottom. Mac OS users can avail the services of Siri instead of Cortana. Apple Pay is also available on Mac Os, whereby users can take calls or texts from their iPhones. It is also possible to unlock the laptop with an Apple Watch. Mac OS does not come with a touchscreen menu. A 2-in-1 laptop or a traditional one Today, most of the laptops available in the market are 2-in-1 laptops.

These laptops can switch between the tablet mode and the clamshell mode. The 2-in-1 laptops are also available as a detachable variant where you can detach the screen and use it as a tablet. The other category of a 2-in-1 laptop is the one that can bend degrees and change modes.

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These laptops are expensive as compared to the traditional clamshell models. Laptops with a screen size of 13 to 14 inches are also popular because of their portability. Such laptops weigh around 1. If you do not plan to move your laptop around too much. You can go for screen sizes 17 to 18 inches. These systems give you higher processing power required to play high-end games or function as workstations. Keyboard and Touchpad specifications Choose your laptop depending on the extent up to which you propose to use it.

If you plan to do heavy work on your laptop, you should opt for devices that have solid keyboards.

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Ensure that the individual keys travel a minimum of 1 to 2 mm. Such keyboards should have ample space between two keys. It is also a better idea to go for laptops that have individual keys instead of a single console. It becomes useful if you need to replace a specific key.

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Gaming enthusiasts should opt for laptops that have robust WASD and arrow keys because these keys have greater utility as compared to the others. The touchpad should respond to multi-touch gestures such as pinch-to-zoom. Some laptops have the touchpad towards the left of the board. It is better to have the touchpad more towards the centre of the board, as it allows you the flexibility of using the right and left clicks of the mouse cursor efficiently.

Specifications are the key. The specifications of the laptop are the most crucial factors to consider. The language used in describing the specifications can confuse computers specialists as well. We shall make it simple for you to understand the terms. The Central Processing Unit is the brain of the laptop.

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  6. The processor determines the working of your laptop. Here are some of the terms you usually encounter when discussing processors. We shall now come to the memory specifications. The memory specifications for a student laptop should be as follows. Students need laptops with a higher RAM. If your budget allows you, a 16GB RAM should be excellent, especially for engineering students and gaming enthusiasts. Storage Drives — The capacity of your storage drive has a direct bearing on the performance of your laptop. It increases the speed of the laptop, thereby allowing you to play fast and action-packed games.

    Some budget laptops come with eMMC drives. Screen Resolution — It is common knowledge that the higher the numbers of pixels, the sharper are the images on the screen.

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    However, the ideal display configuration for a student laptop should be X p, also known as Full HD or p. Laptops with better configuration are available, but they can drain the battery as well as your budget. Graphics Cards — An integrated graphics ship should be enough for light users, but you cannot classify students as light users anymore. Connectivity ports are not a great deal, as all laptops come with the essential ports such as USB 3.

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    A Type-C port is a better choice as it can connect to universal chargers and docks. The brand of the laptop matters a lot because you get after-sales support and service from the reputed brands. We shall now proceed with reviewing some of the best laptops for students. This simple buying guide should help us to understand the reviews better. Engineering students, especially those pursuing graphic designing and AutoCAD, would love to have this laptop in their backpacks.

    Apart from light to carry around, this laptop comes with amazing features that benefit these students. This 8th gen processor comes with a base clock speed of 1. This laptop features one of the best OS in a pre-loaded version of Windows This OS comes with lifetime validity. Hence, you can rely on your loyal assistant, Cortana throughout its life.

    The Display features of this laptop are the best in its segment. Anti-glare technology ensures that you do not harm your eyes while staring at the screen the whole day. The designing of the laptop is almost perfect with the degree hinge making it a flexible appliance to carry along. Secondly, the battery life of this laptop is one thing to admire. Hence, it is an ideal laptop for engineering students. Graphic designing and AutoCAD are easy on this laptop because of its excellent features.

    Therefore, students need not tug along the chargers wherever they go.

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    The design of this laptop is an exquisite one. Students love this laptop because of its backlit keyboard that makes it perfect to work in dim lighting conditions. The Intel Core i5 processor with a boost speed of 3.